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Audacity is an open source sound editing software that is free to download and use. Audacity is a robust tool that is easy to learn, helping novice podcasters achieve a professional sound in a short period of time. Since audacity can be downloaded to your local device, it is a good option for podcasters who don’t have round-the-clock access to the internet, or who experience difficulty using web applications due to sharing bandwidth at home.

You can download Audacity online and follow the tutorial below to get started. However, because Audacity is so broadly available there are hundreds of tutorials, message boards, tips, and tricks around the web that can answer many questions and help you acquire more advanced skills.

Another commonly used software for audio editing is Adobe Audition, which you can find on many computers at Columbia and also in Barnard’s Instructional Media and Technology Services (IMATS), located in the Milstein Center. Audition provides additional tools to help you layer and polish your audio, but it will a little more effort to learn. There is also a cost associated with purchasing an individual license for your personal computer.

Online Tutorials

Audacity Tutorial
Adobe Audition Tutorial

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