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Faculty Instructor: Lisa Hollibaugh

Librarian: Michelle Wilson


All first year students at Columbia College participate in the Core Curriculum, including the year-long class Literature Humanities. Literature Humanities is been devoted to thinking about the power of different types of literature—in the ways that it can reflect ideas and emotions and behaviors that are part of our experience as humans (i.e., its content), and in the ways it can be shaped and expressed so that the
story moves us, persuades us, delights us, incites us, and/or inspires us (i.e., its form). And we’ve done
so by considering the works of authors who are themselves readers of literature and who are reflecting
the influence of the content and form of literature on their thinking and their writing. These works have been chosen by a group of faculty who regularly review and debate the syllabus of Literature Humanities, and your instructor has also made a few individual choices of her own. In a podcast, the LitHum students were join this ongoing decision‐making process by choosing their own addition to the syllabus, and considering the ways in which this would alter the overall themes of the course and their reception of the other remaining works.

In a course that focuses on storytelling and narrative, the podcasting assignment challenged students to prepare to write in a new style and to find, in their own voices, a way to communicate their research findings and opinions on scholarly topics. Students where provided with a workshop on “how to write for the ear” as well as the opportunity they to jump into collaborative script writing with “Podcast in an Hour.”