Logo for facing the Violent Past Podcast

Faculty Instructors: Ariella Lang and Karen Murphy

Librarian: Michelle Wilson


This podcast was developed in conjunction with a course offered in the Summer 2021 semester through the Institute for the Study of Human Rights. The course examined the ways in which societies have addressed the questions of accountability and the challenge of “dealing with the past” in the aftermath of political transition and violent conflict that have marked the last half century. In particular, the course examined the discourse around “historical wrongs,” and attempts—international, national, local—to address such wrongs. 

The podcast format challenged students to hone their writing and communication skills, asking them to distill complex and sensitive topics, as well as academic research, for a public audience. In addition to providing an introduction to the work of public historians and activists, students felt invited to connect with the subject of their coursework. By speaking in their own voices and publishing that work to a public audience, students also said they felt empowerment and an increased investment in their research and writing.